Indoor Play

Livin’ Off the Land, in the Living Room!
Put a twist on traditional camping by turning your living room into a campground! First things first, you’ll need a tent – and B. Outdoorsy fits the fun bill (don’t be fooled by the name, this tent is built for the indoors too!). Set it up at home, fill it with comfy quilts and pillows, and add fairy lights for a magical touch.  To make the experience more immersive, you can carve out some time for an artsy project and make a crafty campfire! Once everything is ready to go, simply crawl into the tent, get cozy, play games, make music by the ‘campfire,’ enjoy yummy s’mores, or read exciting campfire stories.
Family Time Capsule
You made memories, now cherish them with a B.eautiful time capsule filled with tiny treasures that represent your family! Check out our 5-step guide to making a family time capsule.
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Outdoor Play

I Spy: The Colors of Nature
Nature is filled with a ton of colorful wonders for your kiddo to discover! Take a discovery walk together and ask your little one to spot items of different colors. You could go about it in two ways:
    1. Encourage them to point out things of any color (Blue sky! Red ladybug! Yellow flower!)
    2. Decide on a color and get them to find all the different examples (Brown pinecone! Brown tree trunk! Brown dirt!)
On top of exploring colors, this fun game will help your little observer develop an appreciation for all the wonderful gifts nature has to offer!
Little African American child lying near chalk drawing of wings and crown on asphalt, top view
Chalk Art Gallery
Take playtime outdoors by working on a sidewalk masterpiece! For something a little different, grab colorful chalk and challenge each family member to take turns adding to the overall drawing. One person starts it, gets creative, then lets someone else take over. You can either follow a theme or give each artist total freedom–either way, the result is sure to be surprising!

Bonus Play Ideas

  • Hide tiny treasures around the house and organize a scavenger hunt. 
  • Pump up the tunes and play a game of freeze dance. When someone hits “pause” everyone holds still until the music restarts! 
  • Hand out kid-friendly musical instruments and have a family jam session! 
  • Play “store” with household items and a shopping bag. No (real) cash required! 
  • Lean into messy play – put shaving cream in a cookie sheet and sculpt it with spatulas!