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Getting to know B. baby

Welcome to the B. baby collection – a series of toys designed to welcome your bundle of joy into this exciting world through a combination of soft and soothing colors and textures. We’ve taken the time to perfect these sensory toys for babies because it’s never too early to start learning and developing.

B. baby Products

Crinkly Wonders

Sensory Baby Toys

Sounds So Squeezy

Sensory Baby Rattle

Fuzzy Buzzy Bee

Sensory Plush Toy

Rainbow Sunshine

Sensory Baby Book

Starry Sky

Wooden Play Gym

Soothe ‘n’ Smile

Baby Teethers

Mini Woofer

Toy Dog Guitar

RainGlow Buddy

Sensory Baby Toy

Mini Meowsic

Toy Cat Keyboard

One Two Squeeze & Skipping Stones Set

Baby Blocks & Stacking Rings

Grab & Zap

Musical Toy Remote

Starry Sky

Wooden Play Gym

Dreamy Rattle

Sensory Baby Toy

Grab ‘n’ Glow

Light-Up Baby Ball

aBc Block Party

Soft Alphabet Blocks & Inserts

Glow Zzzs – Shellé

Turtle Bedtime Toy

Owl Be Back

Roly-Poly Toy

B. Snugglies – Fluffy Bunz

Bunny Security Blanket


Interactive Plush Elephant

Wee B. Ready

Baby Play Set

Wee B. Splashy

Baby Bath Toys

Party Panda

Interactive Plush Panda

Make It Chime

Sensory Ball

B. Snugglies – Fluffy Koko

Koala Security Blanket

Magical Mellow-Zzzs

Glowing Mushroom Mobile


Light-up Snail Ball Popper

Rain-Glow Squeeze

Light-Up Baby Rattle

Squeezy Zeeby

Sensory Zebra Plush

Under the Sea Jamboree

Musical Plush Octopus

Wee Jams

Baby Radio Toy

One Two Squeeze

Baby Blocks


Sensory Balls

Whirly Pop

Baby Activity Station


Crawl & Roll Mirror Toy

Glow Zzzs – Whalé

Plush Bedtime Toy

Wiggle Wrap

Sensory Wrap-Around Toy

Wonders Above

Baby Play Mat


Shape Sorter

Sounds So Squeezy

Sensory Baby Rattle

Skipping Stones

Stacking Rings Toy

Baby toys are often overlooked as disposable items with little long-term value but B. recognizes that this extremely important part of life should be paired with quality sensory toys that babies can learn from. Even something as simple as bouncing balls can introduce a whole new set of experiences and skills for a baby. That’s why B. applies the same standards of excellency to its Baby B. line.